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Welcome to the Avadeir Wikia, the web source to all things Avadeir. Here you will find tons of Avadeir lore for you to delve into, and all the rules you need to set a roleplaying game in the world of Avadeir. Enjoy your stay and leave a post in the forum if you have any questions or comments.

What is Avadeir?

Avadeir is a world where humans live side by side with fantastic races such as the fox-like faelyn and the stone-skinned senathi.

It is a world where the flux of magic can be weaved into deadly spells, and where deadly monsters roam the wilderness, and some even hide in peoples' midsts. It is a world where old monster-haunted ruins await those daring enough to explore them, where mages are hunted if they are not part of the Arcane Conclave, and where the very gods have been known to walk amongst mortals from time to time, and some have even been killed, allowing the mortals who slew them to gain their power and ascend to godhood themselves.

Avadeir is a world in constant turmoil as various individuals and factions work toward different, often conflicting, goals, and regular people have no choice but to adapt to the latest changes that have been brought upon them by more powerful forces.

Avadeir is a beautiful and magnificent world, but it is also grim and deadly, and the need for heroes to safeguard the common folk against the many threats that the world has to offer is great. Thus, adventurers rise up to face the abundant challenges around them in many different places. Some succeed and gain fame and fortune. Others fail, and end their lives in dark and damp places far from home. What is your destiny?

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