House Osengaunt

House of the White Lion

House Ocengrean is the ruling noble house in the Barony of Irifarn. Founded by the knight Yarnfrec in the year 1436 GS, the House of Ocengrean (Ose = blood, en = of, Gaunt = Lion), after he slew Férwandar - the White Lion of Eldanwood and drank its blood.

Yarnfrec became the Lord of Eldanar, the first in a long line of Ocengreans to rule Eldanar from Castle Ocengrean.

In the War in the Wake, Alaundar Ocengrean, a talented wizard and the lord of Eldanar, was elected by a council of lords to become the Baron of Irifarn and the Head Wizard of the Arcane Conclave, due to his role in the Mending and his great strategic mind and diplimatic skills.

Being a Noble of House OcengreanEdit

As a Noble of House Oceangrean, you begin play with the following: Blood of Férwandar Férwandar was a magical beast and drinking its blood gave Yarnfrec and his descendants magical powers.

  • Cure Light Wounds (self only) 3/day
  • Resistance (self only) 1/day
  • True Strike (self only) 1/day

Luck of HeroesEdit

Once per day you may invoke the Luck of Heroes as a free action letting you add 1d6 to any skill, save or attack roll.