General InfoEdit

The Senathi are the People of the Stone. The hail from the nation of Ombalar between the Orglash Mountains and the Dragonjaws, where they are ruled by the Eldest (the current being Oganashi Dara) from the city of Earthenhome.

The Senathi believe they are the children of a god called Erathan - the Earthfather.

When Senathi reach adulthood at 50 years (Senathi live to be about 400 years old), they are send out into a world on a Wandering to learn about the world and to find themselves. They must be on their Wandering for twentyfive years before they may return to Ombalar as adults.


The Senathi look slightly human, but their skin appears to be made of stone. 


The Senathi hail from Mount Senath in the Dragonjaws, where they believe that their god Erathan carved them out from the mountain and gave them life.

Racial TraitsEdit

Attribute Modifiers: Senathi get +1 Strength, and +2 Endurance. Health: 25 + 1d10 + Endurance Proficiencies: Bludgeons, Staves. Stoneskin: The Senathi's stoneskin gives him Damage Reduction (DR) 4.